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Taxis & Private Hire Vehicles Coastal-Wizard can be found at 4 Hamilton Road, Felixstowe, Suffolk IP11 7AU


Hamilton Road, Felixstowe, Suffolk, East of England, England, IP11 7AU, United Kingdom


Coastal-Wizard Taxis 1 review

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1 review
  • Keiran Milburn

    Driving down the A140 towards Norwich and one of your taxis a Red/Burgundy Renault Scenic license plate WN16 PHV is driving so dangerously. The useless woman driver had sat up the rear of my car for 15 miles. Not leaving any room between my car and hers. I have my partner who is 36 weeks pregnant and our 20 month old daughter in the car. Yet this useless driver decided to sit up our arse. If we need to brake for anything she would have rear ended our car. She then took our car on a single carriageway that is 50mph. We were doing 50 so she quite clearly sped to overtake us illegally. Causing the driver in the other lane coming towards her to flash her and brake. I will be reporting this woman to Ipswich borough council and Suffolk county council and the police for dangerous driving. I have the Hackney Carriage number too of 2051. This woman doesn’t deserve to drive a taxi let alone a car. She is quite clearly an incompetent useless driver. She is representing your company which only looks bad on you. I know I won’t ever use your company is this is the standard of drivers you employ.

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